Axel Elettronica

Fully optic systems with intelligent loaders.
Sample, small and medium volume production runs.

Assembly of 0105 components, mini and micro BGAs.
Temperature and humidity controlled environment for a better output.
Redundant production lines.

Reparto SMT

Reparto SMT Produzione Axel Elettronica

Manual and automatic assembly of radial and axial components.
Sample, small- and medium-volume could be produced.

Assembly capability for medical, rail transport, military and power-control equipment.
Finishing of assemblies with mechanical components and circuit protection with Conformal Coating.

Reparto THT

Reparto THT

Cost- and quantity-based optimization of component purchasing and materials management.

MRP II component stock management.

Air-conditioned ESD storage areas.

Barcode-based inventory administration.


Magazzino Produzione Axel Elettronica