Axel Elettronica

Hardware development carried out in-house or outsourced to professionals with experience in specific application sectors.

Consolidated experience in the development of hardware for various industrial sectors.
Development solutions with particular attention to volume/production cost criteria.
Specifically developed solutions for certification-critical production. Development of the most complex printed circuits.

Development of boards in compliance with ATEX standards.
Technical consultancy.


Hardware Design - Axel Elettronica

Alongside the hardware design, we also develop the software tools needed to make the product work.

Software development carried out in-house or outsourced to professionals with specific competence in the programming of the latest microprocessors available on the market.
Capability for the development of certifiable firmware.
Functional analysis of product firmware/hardware specifications to ensure the best possible results.

Development of firmware able to interface with customer-specified software.


End-to-end development of the product – electronics, electromechanics and ancillary mechanics.

Product feasibility studies based on customer requirements.
Development of ancillary mechanics for existing electronics.

Creation of documentation necessary for the construction of all the component parts of the product.

Analysis of possible cost containment and improvements achievable for in-series production by means of electronic/mechanical re-engineering.