Axel Elettronica

The in-circuit tests are performed upon request of the customer with Flying probe SPEA 4040, one of the most advanced testing system that feature the best performances for speed, accuracy, reliability.

The most significant tests available are:

  • Test of the circuit boards prior mounting of the components
  • Lack of solder on the component pins, also with BGA technology, carried out with Open Pin Scan technique
  • On Board Programming (OBP) can program the devices on the board. The programming can be performed for single components, as well as components in parallel.
  • Optical Test  permits checking of boards at the same time the electrical test execution, thus guaranteeing an increase in productivity that accompanies an increase in the board coverage

Dedicated equipment for the functional testing of the finished product on customer specification.

Full AOI testing (Automatic Optical Inspection) on SMT production carried out with the machine SAKI BF18D.

Testing - Axel Elettronica