SMT Sector


We use state-of-the-art fully optic production technology, able to assemble the latest components available on the market, from standard units to 0102s, to micro and mini BGAs.

Our assembly systems have intelligent loaders that enable the rapid set-up of new production runs and minimize the possibility of assembly errors.

The production lines are redundant and fully autonomous. The organizational efficiency of the department and the optimization of production processes enable sample, small- and medium-volume runs.

The high level of IT automation makes it possible for us to achieve significant reductions in machine preparation and programming times, and also to avert errors during these phases.

Our skilled, experienced machine operators, fully trained in the use of the latest technologies, allow us to fully exploit the machines’ potential.

The temperature and humidity control of the production areas helps ensure excellent levels of quality repeatability, guaranteeing the maintaining of the characteristics of the products utilized.

All production is subject to AOI.

Reparto SMT